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A couple of new beers coming your way for the summer

So we have taken a bit of time over the past couple of months to brew some beers that we've used to fill our barrels in preparation for later in the year. We've got some barrel aged monsters coming. I'm really excited at the prospect of getting them out of the barrels to see if they've developed into the beers I'm expecting. Anyway, we'll have more news on this later.

As well as that, we've been brewing beers that we can enjoy during the summer. So let me tell you what we've got coming your way.

First up, we've DIAL TONE. This is and extra pale ale made the way we like to do it here. This is a typically crisp, golden, super refreshing beer that we've dry hopped with SULTANA, TALUS and CENTENNIAL. Packing a deliciously bright citrus flavour and a firm bitterness. The kind of beer I enjoy having a couple of pints of at 5.3% ABV.

We've a limited number of kegs of this available on our web shop for your home bar.

The second new beer we have for you is FURTHER. An all malt imperial stout with no adjunct faffing about. You already know we specialise in stouts right? Focusing more on the chocolate than coffee end of the spectrum with our malt selection on this beer. It's deliciously smooth and hides it's strength well for an 8.9% beer.

So something for everyone this month I think. Keep an eye out for these in your favourite independent retailer and bars.

Hope you enjoy them. Cheers!