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Gettin' drippy with it!

There’s always and air of excitement around the brewery as we eagerly anticipate each new release. This week more so with a new core beer, Fluid Dynamic! For me, the source of excitement is not only the beer but also getting my first look at the finished product as the cans come rolling off the line. Before that moment the labels existed only as flat artwork on my laptop or as a mock-up.


One of the features of the majority of the labels I've done is to use the silver of the cans as a working element of the design, so I only find out on canning day if the effect has worked liked I'd expected, my nerves! 


Designing labels


LINEMAN is solely the work of Mark and I. While he brews the beer, taking care of everything that entails, I agonise over the naming, concept and label art. But I thoroughly enjoy the process, trying to find the LINEMAN look has been an organic process. From the beginning I’ve included my fluid acrylic pour art in the labels, subtly so, on the Saga labels and more pronounced on Rabbit Hole, Dial Tone, Further, Transmission and Sundrops, but for our new core beer I decided to bring it centre stage, hence the name Fluid Dynamic.




Acrylic Paint Pouring is a fluid painting technique used to create art by pouring thinned down acrylic paints onto a canvas. It’s a wonderful, messy technique that creates unique results with vibrant colours and cells. My mother would have referred to it as ‘smathering’ but I find the results visually enchanting. I love the tie-in of the cells in the paintings to brewing’s most essential workers, the yeast cells!


Can art


Fluid Dynamic is the launch of a new look for LINEMAN too. Look out for an updated version of our other core beer Astral Grains FES that will be coming soon.